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Vital Access

Vital Access


Through her company called 'VITAL ACCESS' Marion wants to help make our world more accessable for all people including those with physical disabilities.

Through her company called 'VITAL ACCESS' Marion Croft offers consultations, seminars and workshops to inspire you and your corporate, public and private audience to help make our world more accessable for people with physical disabilities. 

Independence Through Design

Since 1994 Marion has been providing targeted keynote speaking and services through the creation of "Vital Access".  Marion’s expertise includes seminars and workshops to suit. Specially designed, they render a unique experience for every corporation. There is something for everyone in terms of leadership, communication, awareness and so much more.

•Consult with architects and interior designers

•Identify and suggest implementation of efficient and cost effective solutions for accessibility to all types of disabilities

•Recommend designers

•Supply audit documentation

•Provide awareness education through seminars






Marion has a tiny accessible house that shows the use of a ramp, wheelchair, stairlift, grab bars and walker.  Watch and share this entertaining short video to help bring awareness to accessibility.






Education and Positive Attitudes

•A Positive Attitude

•Safety in the Work Place

•Attitudinal and Physical Barriers

•Integration (reverse integration)

•Job Expectations and Matching the Job Applicant

•Divorce - how to cope in today's world

•Raising Identical Twins

•Inspirational messages to suit

•Keynote and other Seminars are available...will design